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Private Sessions and Workshops

Dr. Vance Bonner gives private sessions to one or two people, and workshops of varying lengths to groups.

You can come to her home studio in beautiful Bend, Oregon (direct flights from Seattle, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Salt Lake City) or invite her to your town for a private workshop usually over a long weekend where you can have as many people as you like.  You can suggest your ideas to Dr. Bonner if you have specific needs and she will work something out for you. 

An outline of the workshop, from 4 hours to 4 days or more, is as follows:

  • Check in: a discussion of why you are coming to the class, and what is happening with your body;  where you have problems and feel pain, including form accidents, traumas, and chronic problems.


  • Postural Assessment: a systematical review at how you currently stand, starting at your feet and ankles, and working up to how you hold your head. This is an interactive process: you feel, think about and share what is going on with you with Dr. Bonner.


  • Body Awareness: this is where Dr. Bonner will have you shake out and return to your "old, normal'' way of standing. This allows you to sense the difference between what you have been doing and what you are now learning. You will then resume The Stance, to begin learning how to be in it, and gain more awareness of just exactly where you are tight, and what it is that wants to pull you off the grid of The Stance.


  • What you will take away: a new understanding of how the body should be in space and what may be causing your own pain and inflexibility.  You will have learned specific movements which you can do on your own to increase your ease of being, release pain, improve your performance, and avoid injuries.  By learning to Reprogram your body, you will be more comfortable and effective well into old age.


Fee for Private Session in Bend, Oregon: $100 per hour per person. 2-Hour Minimum to start

Fee for Private Session/ Group Workshop in your town: $3,000 for 3 or 4 days; airfare and room & board provided by you.

Note: Prospective Teachers often begin with a workshop in their town.


Bodyworkers and Massage Therapists Workshops: From time to time, Dr. Bonner and her associates will conduct workshops specifically designed for Bodyworkers and Massage Therapists. In such workshops, Dr. Bonner will relate the Vance Stance to their daily work.  She will circulate, providing hands-on guidance to help students experience The Stance at work.

Contact Dr. Bonner (phone: 541-330-9070) for more information. 

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