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Some Common Painful Complaints - The Vance Stance® in Action

Frozen shoulder and other shoulder injuries can be reversed by The Vance Stance®. Traditional shoulder physical therapy doesn’t address the underlying posture and flexibility issues that must be corrected. This ground-breaking technique will allow you to release the frozen shoulder to alleviate the shoulder pain.

Shoulder Pain

The extreme humps, valleys and curvature of the spine that make up scoliosis can, in most cases, be corrected with The Vance Stance®. Without bracing or surgery, you will learn how to lengthen and flatten the incorrect way of standing, moving, and holding yourself that had allowed scoliosis to take hold. You must re-align your entire body to undo the curvature of the spine.


The chief cause of low back pain is usually compression, shortening of the muscles at the small of the back. This can also lead to nerve pressure, from this compacting in the area. The way out of pain is to change your usual posture, using The Vance Stance® and its 34 Movements. 

People often expect their knees to fail them. They think it is just the way the body is designed. But The Vance Stance® will show you that you can very often correct the underlying misalignment that is causing the torqueing and compressing at the knee joint that results in deterioration and pain. Crooked legs show up as bowlegs, knock-knees, or hyper-extended legs. These postural aberrations must, and can, be corrected to eliminate the pain.

Back Pain

Knee Pain

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