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Success Stories

Past Injury, Present Pain

Regaining Mobility

Red Herrings

The connection between a past injury and present pain was graphically demonstrated by Martha, whose painful right hip had not responded to medical treatment or chiropractic care. Through learning The Vance Stance®, Martha soon found out that the problem was deeper than a painful hip.

Seth, a man in his sixties, came to Dr. Bonner with an exaggerated case of one of the most common problems in older clients: a loss of mobility in the upper back that curves it forward and slumps it down. Seth worked with Dr. Bonner to stand tall, straight, and confident again.

What was particularly interesting about Louise’s case was the way Dr. Bonner got to the source of her problem. Louise, an attractive woman in her fifties, had pulled a hamstring in her left leg in a fall. Now she complained of an immobilizing pain in her left hip. But soon, she would discover much more.

The Power of The Stance®

Driving For Success

The Pain-Free Ann

Ellen, a waitress in her mid-thirties, came to Dr. Bonner with chronic lower back pain. She couldn’t afford many lessons, so Dr. Bonner decided to see how far she could get in just one session. Apart from her discomfort she was in very good shape, strong and limber, and had no other complaints.

Bill drove long hours at a stretch to cover his sales route in the West. As a result, he had back pain that was difficult to relieve because he was forced to maintain the position that made it worse: sitting hunched over the wheel of his car. But he had started with bad posture in the first place - a swayback and bowlegs that increased the pressure on his lower back. He sat either too far back over his hips, so that his spine was stressed by squeezed-together abdominals, or with a swayback, which compressed the muscles of his lower back.

Ann Stanley is a professional flute player, and a massage therapist. Due to an extremely hunched-over back, she has had constant pain in the middle of her back for years. Her left shoulder became inflamed all the time. Often, when playing music, it would be impossible to lift her arms. Find out how does The Vance Stance® help her...

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