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The Vance Stance®, also known as The Bonner System of Structural ReprogramingTM , is a revolutionary body/mind technique developed by alignment pioneer Vance Bonner, Ph.D. which has helped thousands of clients from professional athletes to those in pain suffering from lower back pain, scoliosis, sciatica, frozen shoulders, neck pain, bunions and hammertoes, flat feet, knock-knees and blow legs, since 1974. 


Through The Vance Stance, your body learns to achieve optimal alignment which corrects posture and increases flexibility.  You will learn the correct way to be on your feet, working with gravity, instead of against it. By learning this precise and new way of being in gravity, you will put your spine in a radically new place. Your body will learn to expand, extend, straighten and lift. This flattening of crookedness will have a profound result: pain will go away. You will see your painful conditions diminish or reverse. 


By doing something very different from what you did to create the problems you may be facing now, you will be able to correct these conditions that are often seen as unable to be fixed. With thousands of pain-free clients , you can be assured that The Vance Stance can make an impact on your body and any pain you may be experiencing as a result of poor alignment. Be clear: much of what may be causing you pain is structural.

Unlike modalities that try to help by doing something to you (such as chiropractic and massage), you must make these changes yourself.  The Vance Stance is designed to help you by teaching you how use your body differently, by cues to body, mind, emotion and spirit.

This unique perspective addresses the underlying causes of why your body is not working optimally. From a background in Philosophy, Art and Communications, Dr. Bonner posited the fundamental question that spurred the intuitive leap from which the work grew: what if there was no innate flaw in how the body was designed to work? What if the problem was not a poor design at the low back, or knees, or neck, as some say. If the design was not wrong, could it be that the flaw was in how we were using our feet and ankles??  This proved, indeed, to be the case, and a new positioning of the body on the feet proved to be the magic cure.

By examining how the body works from a fresh perspective, Dr. Bonner created the integrated approach that is so effective at bringing about change in the body. By asserting that there is a connection between how 

you look and where you are in pain, she broke the code that has kept people from doing what they know is good for them: becoming flexible and straight, hence pain-free. Strength and balance come from flexibility, and cannot be achieved and maintained without shifting the underlying relationship of the body to gravity.

There are 34 Movements in The Vance Stance, all of them are designed to:

  • Replace harmful, constricting, stressful postural habits while liberating correct ones.

  • Locates and then eliminates the causes of chronic joint and muscle pain.

  • Restores your awareness of underused muscles and develops overall muscular elasticity and strength, offering you greatly increased skill and pleasure in everything you do.

  • Increases strength, improves flexibility, and enhances balance and grace in persons of all ages. Your body will have an energy and a resilience you may never have known before.



Once you’ve mastered the two parts of The Vance Stance - The Stance and The Movements - you will look and feel better (the very shape of your body may undergo a radical improvement) and you will possess a new strength and flexibility.

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