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The Pain-Free Ann

       Ann Stanley is a professional flute player, and a massage therapist.  Due to an extremely hunched-over 

back, she has had constant pain in the middle of her back for years.  Her left shoulder became inflamed 

all the time. Often, when playing music, it would be impossible to lift her arms. 

Over many years she has tried all kinds of things to get rid of the pain, and to straighten out her 

curved back: modern dance, yoga, tai chi, Rolfing, and Cranio-Sacral therapy. Each of these modalities 

helped some, for a little while, but when she discovered The Vance Stance® and tried it, this was what 

she said, “nothing has come close to transforming my body the way The Vance Stance has!” 

Now her whole body has changed, for the better. The crushing pain in her back is gone. People remark now 

how straight she looks, and she is actually pleased when she looks in the mirror now.


“When I remember to do what Dr. Bonner has taught me, and keep my shoulders back and down, the burning shoulder pain doesn’t flare up. I am much more flexible and I notice I am stronger,” she said.

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