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The Power of The Stance®

     Ellen, a waitress in her mid-thirties, came to Dr. Bonner with chronic lower back pain. She couldn’t afford many lessons, so Dr. Bonner decided to see how far she could get in just one session. Apart from her discomfort she was in very good shape, strong and limber, and had no other complaints.


     Dr. Bonner started by taking her through The Stance®. As soon as they reached the knees and hips, she realized at once what was causing her back pain. She was creating it herself by locking her knees; this in turn gave her a swayback, which led her to thrust a hip out to one side in order to relieve the tension from the locked knees and swayback. She stayed in this position for hours at a stretch, since she was on her feet so much, and her lower back was rebelling against the continuous stress.


     The pain disappeared completely once she understood - and felt, as she progressed through the Stance - that her torso could life upward, buoyed by the energy sent down from her hips, through her legs, to her feet. In this way, pressure was not forcing her hip out to the side, causing her pain. Not only could she now stay on her feet without discomfort, but she also experienced new energy and power from the unlocking of blocked knee and hip joints.

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